Harvest Time: What You Should Know About Harvesting Your High-Value Crops For Maximum Potency and Yield


What You’ll Learn In This Masterclass

- How cultivars determine the timing.
- How to maximize yields & harvest for maximum effects.
- How to identify the signs your plants are ready to harvest for maximum potency and yields.

Max Montrose's Session Is Available Until Saturday, Feb 20

After months of growing, the final few weeks can be the most important for maximum potency and yields. So, you won’t want to rush through the process just to enjoy the fruits of your labor sooner. Find out how harvesting can affect your high-value crops, and the best way to do so.

Max Montrose is the President of the Trichome Institute and the author of Interpening: The Art and Science of the Cannabis Sommelier i

Before Trichome Institute was a company and interpening was a thing, Max was teaching mmj patients in Colorado how to figure out which bud was best for them. The foundation of Trichome stems from a guy who loves cannabis, wants to help people, and most likely is from another universe.

Max’s favorite things to do when he’s not on conference calls or doing podcasts include: Traveling the world in search of the most exotic reptiles and other creatures that most people are terrified of Going to stoned yoga in hopes of finding the love of his life (Update – he found her!)

Talking to his plants… like full conversations… they talk back…

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