How to Choose an LED Grow Light


What You’ll Learn In This Masterclass
- What is an LED?
- Why are LEDs beneficial?
- What types of LEDs are there?
- How to choose the right LED for your grow.

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Hopefully, by now you know that your plants need light. LEDs provide a great solution to your grow light needs because they are efficient, full-spectrum, and bright. They may have a high price point, but their benefits outweigh their drawbacks because they are much more efficient and can result in a better harvest than standard lights.

There are several types of LEDs, ranging from spread out builds with many low-wattage bulbs to huge, individual high-energy bulbs. Our guide will help you decide what kind of lights are right for you, as well as mistakes to avoid.

Shane Torpey | Founder of MIGRO 

Shane Torpey is the founder of MIGRO. He is a manufacturing engineer with 20 years experience working for multinational corporations.

Unfulfilled in corporate life he left full time employment in 2015 and established MIGRO. The goal: to use all his experience in engineering and business along with a passion for growing and horticulture to form a team to design and build a great product.

After a long process of product development, many prototypes and a fair share of failures, they refined the design of the MIGRO LED grow light you see today.

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