A Step-by-Step guide on How to Cut and Care For Cannabis Clones


What You’ll Learn In This Masterclass

- How to perform a proper cannabis cloning procedure
- What are the benefits of cloning
- How to maximize your crop easily and cheaply

Katy Grimes's Session Is Available Until Saturday, Feb 20

In the process of home growing cannabis, you may have some super plants. These top plants can be cloned to expand your crop. Cloning is beneficial because it easily and cheaply replicates successful plants and their yields. This class will guide you step by step on how to perform the cloning process.

KATY GRIMES is a co-founder of Crescent Valley Farms; an I-502 tier 3 cannabis producer/processer and WSDA certified organic farm located in Tonasket, Washington. As a family-owned and operated business, Katy is involved in all aspects of the operations. She currently oversees processing and packaging and is heavily involved in cultivation, as well as the marketing functions of the company.
Katy is passionate about sustainably growing organic, sun-grown cannabis, by using the same regenerative agricultural methods they use around their farm. She has a wide variety of connections throughout the local farming community and the cannabis industry and has partnered with, and been mentored by, some of the best organic farmers in the state. She has been able to successfully apply these agricultural lessons and growing techniques that have resulted in producing top quality outdoor cannabis, grown in an environmentally friendly and scalable way that maximizes production and minimize cost.

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