6 Steps For Smell-Proofing Your Indoor Marijuana Grow Room 


What You’ll Learn In This Masterclass
- Why you should control the smell of your grow.
- Various different ways to control the smell of your grow room.
- Mistakes to avoid in odor control.

Joshua Mezher's Session Is Available Until Friday, Feb 19

Marijuana gets real stinky during the flowering stage of growing. Whether your love or hate the potent, heady smell, in most situations, you want to control it at least a little bit. Whether it’s nosy neighbors who you don’t want to tip off, visiting family, or law enforcement you are worried about, it’s best to keep your grow private.

In order to mitigate the strong odor of cannabis, there are various methods you can follow. From carbon filters to air purifiers to gels, there are a lot of options. We’ve compiled a nice list of different ways to control the smell of your cannabis home grow. This class offers the various methods of smell reduction so you can find out what works for you.


Joshua is a passionate entrepreneur and innovator who moved to the United States a decade ago to further his education at UCSC. After school, he joined the medical cannabis industry where he grew his farm from a hobbyist to a greenhouse.

After identifying several key problems in the commercial production of cannabis: Of which one of the larger problems is the trimming of cannabis. To solve this they have developed a power tool that mimics the traditional functionality of hand-held scissors. It is an ancillary product that can be used for many different precision cutting processes.

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