The Complete Guide to Hardcore Homegrown Hash

- THE Dank Duchess

What You’ll Learn In This Masterclass
- What is hash?
- How to make high quality freeze-dry hash.
- Some mistakes to avoid.
- The characteristics of high-quality hash.

The Dank Duchess's Session Is Available Until Saturday, Feb 20

Hashish comes in many different forms - from sandy and brittle to oily and barely containable resin. In this masterclass, you will learn from an expert grower and hash maker how to make high-quality, consistently-good full melt hash oil. She will give you a comprehensive set of instructions and help you avoid mistakes in your own hash making.


The Dank Duchess is an international Hashish Consultant, Writer, and Cannabis Cultivator using all available media to achieve her mission to help spread cannabis and psychedelic wellness awareness globally. With 17 years of cultivation experience to her credit, and trained by Hash Master Frenchy Cannoli, she has dedicated the last 6 years to educating hundreds of thousands of people via print, film, and social media about high quality cannabis and Hashish. Currently serving as the Managing Editor of Skunk Magazine, dozens of her hash stories and hash tutorials have appeared in Weed World UK, Weed World Italia, Cannabis Now, and in Ed Rosenthal’s books. Duchess has also made several media appearances including Seasons 1 and 3 of VICELAND’s Bong Appetit. Duchess functions as a contractor, traveling to small farms and large cultivation facilities to teach hash making and increase efficiency. She is a respected public speaker; featured at conferences including Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, Boston Freedom Rally, Outside Lands, and the Emerald Cup. Known both for her discriminating palate and Hashish knowledge, Duchess has served as an esteemed judge for cannabis and Hashish competitions around the world.

Cannabis is essential to her existence and with her dedication to an All Weed Everything lifestyle she has found a way to integrate it completely into her life; hence her motto: “Cannabis flower fuels my power and my niche is Hashish.”

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